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Welcome to the 4th Quarter of Life

Founded by Marilyn & Reggie McFerren (pictured), The Fourth Quarter is a non-profit organization that is focused on providing resources to specific demographic groups in our communities in an effort to enhance their lives. The demographics the organization targets for our services are the elderly, people with disabilities and military veterans. The Fourth Quarter’s vision is to create a charitable organization that will be a conduit for community members to get out the house to have fun or who have limited options to interact with others due to lack of finances and/or health issues. To achieve our goals, the organization will periodically conduct activities such as music/entertainment events, domino/card tournaments, spiritual enhancement exercises and lunch/dinner events that will be free of charge to all attendees. 

– Mission Statement –

The Fourth Quarter’s ultimate goal is to improve the emotional, mental, and physical conditions of all who participate, by providing them with activities that will enhance their cognitive fitness and improve their mental and physical activity. It is the organization’s philosophy that we are never too old to have fun which helps keep us youthful and mentally sharp, which are keys to living a long and enjoyable life.

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