Date: 1/29/2021

Dear Friend,

We hope this letter finds you and your love ones well during this national pandemic. As the founder and CEO of the Fourth Quarter of Life, a non-profit (501.c3) organization, our main goal and focus is to provide “A Better Life for Seniors and Military Veterans”.  We all are struggling during this horrific pandemic and the need to assist these individuals has become greater and more challenging. Our focus is on providing resources to specific demographic groups in our communities to enhance their lives. As seniors ourselves, we are working on creating a charitable organization that will be a conduit for community members to assist them in ways that we take for granted, in this case free food preparation or just having someone to communicate with that cares. Due to limited options and stay-at-home orders, lack of finances and/or health issues this has been an extremely hard task for several seniors and veterans. With achieving our goals, in trying to help everyone in our focus group we are working tirelessly in preparing meals, making sure everyone has the necessary grocery and supplies that are needed. Our organization periodically will conduct activities, now through zoom, or online activities such as mini concerts, comedians, and online exercise routines to help in enriching their lives to alleviate depression.

The Fourth Quarter of Life’s goal is to improve the emotional, mental, and physical conditions of all who participate, by providing them with activities that will enhance their cognitive fitness and improve their mental and physical acuity. It is the organization’s philosophy that we are never too old to have fun which helps keep us youthful and mentally sharp, these are keys to living a long and enjoyable life.

Your donation to our organization will help to ensure that we can continue to provide the necessary supplies and resources to our seniors, veterans and disabled that are in need.  Please visit our website: You can make your donation there by clicking the “DONATION” icon or by mailing a check or money order to: PO Box #1096 Perris, Ca., 92572

We all remain committed to maintaining the quality and vision of the 4th Quarter of Life and we are preparing to move forward in our venture. Please also feel free to submit any suggestions for improving our organization.

Thank you in advance for taking time to read the enclosed financial information. 

Very truly yours,

Reggie McFerren

Chief Executive Officer