Food giveaway

I was so pleased to receive the responses from many families I served for Thanksgiving. I could feel the gratitude and joy from each person that was blessed. It was more of a blessing for me to be able to deliver much needed food to several families. Here are a few of the responses I received I must share with you. They are very touching and allow us to know our work is not in vain.

Miss Georgia my name is Jose Garetta I want to say thank you, for the box of food that you gave to my family today. With the children’s in-home we are now able to give them a decent meal thank you. You gave both healthy nutritious meals to be able to cook. Just want to say thank you, again. 

Miss Georgia, I want to say thank you. My name is Sandy. I live in the senior citizen complex in Perris and You deliver food that was so much needed thank you, again. I pray that God bless you the way you have blessed me. I don’t know if I was going to be able to have a Thanksgiving meal but you came in the nick of time thank you.

Hi Miss Georgia, this is Miss Bobby. I’m sending you this very grateful message to say thank you . You just don’t know what a blessing it was to receive the food box from you. As you may know I am a senior citizen. My age is 83 and I am now raising five grandchildren. I have had a hard time through the last couple of years trying to make ends meet. You just don’t know what a blessing it is to know that someone out there really cares.

My name is Lyndia Stone, God I don’t know where to start, but many thanks for your Hospitality and Generosity. You have a warm and kind heart. May God bless you and Thank you for your hospitality! Thanks so much for all your assistance and hospitality from your busy schedule.